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A big thank you to all my customers!

Amira Idriss

Fawzi has made this experience a pleasant one for us and is still helping us find our forever home. He is always available to listen and answers all our questions as this is the first time we sell property .. thank you Fawzi for making this so much less stressful for us !!! We know we can always count on you for the best advise and best service !!! Highly recommend this whole team !! Including Selina and Alina who are always fast to reply and super professional ... merci équipe 99 jours !!!

Ali Turk

What a GREAT experience- with Fawzi you can't go wrong! A+++ service thank you for making the process simple and fast.

Imane Myaz

The service is professional and very friendly. Fawzi has a lot of experience and takes the time to give you the right advice. We had the chance to buy and sell with him. The service was excellent both ways. We are very satisfied. I would also like to underline the rigorous work and continuous follow-ups by his wonderful team. ( Selina, Alina) I highly recommend doing business with Fawzi! You'll be as happy as we are! Thanks again for the good follow-up and invaluable advice!

Sylvain Ouimet

We were in good hands with Fawzi. He is professional, calm, available and patient. His kindness is truly remarkable. We recommend Fawzi and his team without hesitation.

Sylvain Yelle

Selling our house was a wonderful experience, thanks to Fawzi and his team. His professionalism, rigor, kindness and availability made this stage of our lives very easy. Thank you so much!

George Alrichan

I recently had the pleasure of working with Fawzi on the purchase of my first home, and his professionalism and assistance were simply extraordinary. From the start, he was remarkably patient, helping me every step of the way as if it were his own home. His commitment to answering my questions and calls promptly really made the difference, removing any uncertainty I might have had. Fawzi took the time to explain every aspect of the buying process, making the whole experience seamless and stress-free. Fawzi doesn't just do his job, he goes above and beyond to ensure that every detail is taken into account. His help in finalizing all procedures was invaluable and I feel truly fortunate to have had Fawzi by my side during this adventure. If you are looking for a professional and dedicated real estate broker who will treat you with the same care as if it were his own home, I highly recommend Fawzi and his team. My experience was exceptional and I'm grateful for all the support he gave me throughout the buying process.


ATTENTION FOLKS: Fawzi Yazigy and his team is THE Realtor that could sell your property fast and at the price you want. Fawzi,Alina, and Selina are real professionals with valuable experience and thorough knowledge of the Real Estate market. The whole team will take care of all aspects of your Real Estate sale transaction very efficiently, methodically and responsibly that will save you any bureaucratic hassle and inconvenience. They work diligently, persistently and above all very intelligently until your property gets sold at its maximum value and at the shortest time possible. They are extremely talented in tracing for you the most qualified buyers in the Real Estate market by using unique and fruitful strategies that no other Realtor could use. Remember that these people possess the most valuable database of affluent buyers that are willing to buy properties without seeking traditional finance from the banks, instead they are able to pay on their own and put money in the sellers' pockets in a snap. What makes their Real Estate service unique and utterly valuable from any other Realtor is that they do not wait for the buyer to go to them but instead they go exactly to the buyer that has the money to pay on his own. Being such, they sold my property very fast by finding the buyer that paid for my full property price from his own pocket. I give Fawzi Yazigy and his team a resounding 5(five) star rating review.

Shahwali Dastagir

I am very satisfied with the purchase of my house I received very good services from Mr Fawzi Yazigy and his team he had a lot of experties and patience for fulfilling my requirements

Frédéric Marshall

Super proactive team! Excellent communication, looking out for your interests, I recommend them to everyone for selling and/or buying.

Cinthya Caballero

Wow Wow! Fawzi gave us excellent service from start to finish. He is an excellent broker and I would recommend him to anyone. He knows his business very well and is very professional. We found our broker for life!

Elissar and Jean Ghannoum

Fawzi had sound advise.. He organized the visits, everything was perfectly planned.and we were able to sell our house within the promised time. We found what we were looking for. very professional , punctual, and always available.

Hélène Cantin

We had dealt with Fawzi before for visits and he had guided us well, but we had put this project on hold. More than a year later, when we were ready to sell our condo, we immediately wanted to give the contract to him. It was exactly the service we had hoped for and from start to finish everything was respected. A big thank you to Fawzi and his team!

Roland Jbeily

I thank the 99 Days team in general and Mr. Fawzi Yazigy specifically for his professionalism, patience and open communication. I am very satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend it. Best regards!

Eugenie Catta Manneh

We are delighted with the services provided by Fawzi Yazigy and his team. We have had outstanding support. Fawzi is very reliable especially in a real estate market that is full of surprises like Montreal. Fawzi was recommended to us by family members. He helped us find a home that was of the expected quality and was a fine negotiator with the other players involved. Alina, his partner in coordinating the visits in our case, was always quick to respond and very human in her interactions. In addition, Fawzi accompanied us on several key visits such as the first visits, the inspection, the offer and the meeting to take possession of the house. We strongly recommend that you choose Fawzi Yazigi and his team for the purchase or sale of your home!

Anne-Isabelle Larin and Frédéric Goyheneix

We are a couple and we each had a house. We wanted to sell them and move into our new home together. We were immediately impressed at our first meeting with Fawzi by his knowledge of the market and his knowledge of the design of our houses. We were guided every step of the way by Alina. Whenever we had a question, she was available within minutes to answer us. And what can I say about her unparalleled kindness! The marketing was done in an optimal way thanks to the knowledge and advice of Fawzi. The best surprise was when the offers were presented. We got much more than we had imagined in our wildest dreams. Thanks to the fabulous work of Fawzi and Alina, we are now realizing our project of living together.

Anna Stabourlou

A service like no other. Very satisfied! Fawzi and his team are really the best! THE BEST hands down! We were pleasantly surprised because everything that was promised was received! A realtor with professionalism and kept our interest in mind. Fawzi and Alina offered the BEST experience and a great service.

Frank Sedivy

Fawzi and Alina My wife and I didn't know if we wanted to sell our property as my wife was very attached to our house which she grew up in. We decided to have our house valued and after doing some research, Fawzi's name came up so I decided to contact him. I first got in touch with Alina and from the beginning I told her that we didn't really know if we wanted to sell the house but we were very curious to see the value of our house. Alina reassured us and said she could arrange a meeting with Fawzi to discuss our options. Unfortunately I had to cancel our first appointment as I was out of town and they were very accommodating and we were able to reschedule at our convenience without any pressure. The Fawzi team are very helpful and were able to accommodate us in every way possible. Once we were able to meet, Fawzi came to the house to talk to us about our options. We showed him our house and discussed the value and options for our house. Fawzi came prepared, he did his research on our property and was very knowledgeable about our neighborhood market, he had everything very well prepared for us and he took the time to explain the market to us and the most important part for us was that he listened to our worries and concerns and was able to reassure us without any pressure to sign and put the house on the market. His knowledge and confidence as well as his compassion made us sign a contract with him on the spot and we certainly did not regret it. Once we signed, everything started and the incredible work of the Fawzi team went smoothly. We were very busy with work and had a very busy schedule but the Fawzi team was able to accommodate us whenever we needed them. After the viewings, we received the offers and a few days later the house was sold. The Fawzi team took care of every detail of the sale and all we had to do was go to the notary to sign and everything was done. Again, we couldn't have chosen anyone better than Fawzi and his team, selling a house you are attached to is not easy either, but choosing the right agent who understands his sellers made the difference. We can't thank Fawzi and Alina enough for their hard work. We definitely recommend Fawzi for your real estate needs after all, he is the BEST

Danielle Germain

With Fawzi I sold my house in a short time at an above-market price. Fawzi really enjoys his work. He is a professional, available, courteous agent with a great experience in real estate. I am very satisfied with his services and highly recommend him. Thanks to Fawzi and his team.

Faustin Bouchard and Lucie Demers

Last October, we weren't sure we wanted to sell our house. We responded to an advertisement from Fawzi to come and meet with us to present his 99-day action plan. We were reassured and agreed that he would be our agent. Incredibly, in just 23 days, we sold our house at above market price! So in addition to his courteous and professional service and his incredible availability, we took advantage of his enormous experience to complete our transaction which could have been a struggle without him. Every problem or delay that came up he had a solution and he was a fantastic negotiator throughout the process. He really loves what he does, which is probably the key to his huge success and amazing results. Thank you so much Fawzi for being part of our sale project, which was a bit scary at first but which you managed to simplify brilliantly.

Abdel Bendjoudi

Working with Fawzi was a pleasant experience. I was looking to buy a house and he found the best for me and my family. He was able to work quickly and saved me a lot of time. I am very pleased with his professional services and would personally recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell!

Milad Balaa

Fawzi has been my broker for 10 years. My experience with him is unparalleled. I have bought and sold residential and commercial properties with him and I am glad that I made the right choice by trusting him. He was always professional and took his work seriously. He recently sold two of my income properties. Thank you Fawzi!

Faustin Bouchard and Lucie Demers

Thank you very much Fawzi! He is the best!

Snezana Vukanic

As my family grew, I realised that I wanted a new place to call home. Fawzi guided us through the process of selling our property. We were in a multiple offer situation. He was there to answer all our questions and made it a stress free environment. In the end, he guided us in choosing what was best for us and sold it for 95% of our asking price! Overall, we are very grateful to have had him by our side the whole time. We know we chose the right broker!

Sonia and Mustapha

After our fourth child, we decided to grow the place we once called home. However, it was a very difficult decision to leave. For 2 years we didn't know how to buy and sell. We didn't know if we wanted to find a property first and then put ours up for sale, many uncertain decisions. Then we met Fawzi who changed our thinking. Within the first 15 minutes he set the record straight. He was very honest and direct. After our meeting with him, we put our property up for sale, within a few days we received many offers, and within 8 weeks we sold for the price we wanted. Within 1 week we found the property we now call our dream home. Fawzi has great negotiation skills and professionalism, he knows what he is talking about and it shows. Fawzi and Vanessa were with us all the way. We felt very comfortable contacting them at any time of the day and weekend, they made our most important and complex purchase very simple. Don't waste your time and look elsewhere, Fawzi and his team are the ones you should trust !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Hamdan

When I decided to sell my house, I registered with a well-known broker in our area. He offered a lot and made a lot of promises. From the beginning, there were limited visits, no offers and minimal attention to the sale of my house, and of course my house was still not sold. So I decided to try another reputable broker... but to no avail... a different broker but the same story. I was losing hope and wondering if I still wanted to sell, when a friend of mine recommended an agent he worked with called Fawzi Yazigy. We arranged a meeting with Mr Yazigy. When he came in, he was very professional, but said the house was listed at the right price. I started to get discouraged, but then he started talking about his branding plan and how he had a team working with him that specialized in getting the houses visible to the "right" potential buyers. He seemed very confident, knowledgeable and motivated... unlike the others. So I said why not I have nothing to lose, and listed with Fawzi. To my delight... we had many visits and not only did I receive an offer 16 days after we listed, but it was 99% of the listing price. Her negotiation skills were excellent while keeping my interest at the forefront. We closed that offer. I have known many brokers, but he is truly the best I have seen. I recommend Fawzi Yazigy with extreme confidence. Translated from English by the Fawzi Yazigy team

Richard & Manon

When we decided to move in together, we had 2 properties for sale and were also looking for our dream home. When we started our search for a broker, it was important for us to find someone reliable, honest and hard working to undertake the task of selling three properties. We interviewed several brokers before and after Mr. Fawzi and even after a few days of meeting him he remained the candidate that stood out to us and we decided to give him the mandate to sell our 2 properties and find us our dream home. He was more than what we expected and looked for; he gave us a service beyond our expectations. We would recommend Mr. Yazigy's professional services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home as we have sold and are now living in our dream home. Translated from French by Fawzi Yazigy

Mr. Daoud

When I decided to buy a house, my sister referred me to Fawzi Yazigy who was very satisfied and impressed with Mr. Yazigy's work and real expertise. After several visits, Mr. Yazigy kept us optimistic and never lost sight of finding me what I was looking for. I finally fell in love with a house that had just been listed. Mr. Yazigy is very knowledgeable in real estate and knew we had to act quickly to get me the property. He acted quickly, professionally and intelligently to get us the house we wanted at a price we couldn't be happier with. His great negotiating skills and instincts got me the property I now happily live in. I highly recommend him as an agent...you will not be disappointed.

Emidio Fernando Pereira


Mr. & Mrs. Blondin


Giuseppina Macri

I sold in 3 days for FULL PRICE QUOTE I have lived in Saint-Leonard for 45 years in the same house. The decision to list with Fawzi was not an easy one. I had been thinking of selling for a few years. I interviewed many brokers but no one really impressed me, until my son introduced me to Fawzi, who used to do business with him. I realised that he didn't have much of a presence in my area, but my son highly recommended him, and I had a good feeling about him when we met. So I listed... at an excellent price. To my delight, my house sold in an incredible 3 days at full listing price. I sold with the Fawzi Yazigy Team. The choice is obvious... The Fawzi Yazigy Team sells houses. The transaction went smoothly while paying attention to all the details, ensuring that I was covered in all situations in the future. Now I am in my new home and very happy. If I had to sell again, I would sell with the Fawzi Yazigy team. No need to waste your time like I did with interviews... this is the best!

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